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Gallery of Surveillance: Pakistan

This is an installer for the Crimson malware, used to spy on human rights defenders in Pakistan.

Diep Saeeda is a Human Rights defender from Pakistan. After the enforced disappearance of her activist friend Raza Khan she has been actively campaigning for his release. As a result Diep became the target of numerous cyber attacks aimed at compromising her computer, mobile phone and email and social media accounts.

The malware that was used against Diep is commonly known as "Crimson" and is provided with several modules that allow the attackers to steal files, record everything that is being typed through the keyboard, steal the content of plugged USB sticks and more.

In an attempt to infect her mobile phone, Diep as also sent a spyware for Android known as StealthAgent. If successfully installed StealthAgent, which is developed by a Pakistani company, is capable of silently intercepting phone calls and messages, intercept conversations over chats like WhatsApp, steal pictures and more.

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You can read more about the targeted surveillance of Diep and other human rights defenders in Pakistan in this report by Amnesty International. You can also read this BBC article about it.

Photo by ©Amnesty International.
This is the main component of the Crimson malware.
This is "StealthAgent", a spyware for Android capable of monitoring all communications from the victim's phone.
This is a component of the Crimson malware, commonly known as "secApp".